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Which one is the default transaction factory in hibernate?

With hibernate 3.2, default transaction factory is JDBCTransactionFactory.

What's difference between managed associations and hibernate associations?

Managed associations relate to container management persistence and are bi-directional while hibernate associations are unidirectional.

What is Light Object Mapping?

Light Object Mapping is one of the levels of ORM quality in which all entities are represented as classes and they are mapped manually.

What's general hibernate flow using RDBMS?

General hibernate flow involving RDBMS is as follows:

a. Load configuration file and create object of configuration class.

b. Using configuration object, create sessionFactory object.

c. From sessionFactory, get one session.

d. Create HQL query.

e. Execute HQL query and get the results. Results will be in the form of a list.

How can we map the classes as immutable?

If we don’t want an application to update or delete objects of a class in hibernate, we can make the class as immutable by setting mutable=false

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